John Jarvie Property

John Jarvie Ranch
John Jarvie Ranch
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The site of one of Utah's first murder mysteries!

5 Things to see near the John Jarvie Property

A visit to the historic Jarvie property provides a glimpse of turn-of-the-century frontier life. Of the many sites along the Green River which Mr. Jarvie could have settled, he chose this particular one because of the naturally occurring river crossing. For years it had been used by Indians, fur trappers, travelers, and local residents. Jarvie figured it would be an excellent spot to establish a business. At its height, the Jarvie ranch operation included a store, post office, river ferry and cemetery.

Following Jarvie's murder in 1909, the property passed to his two sons Tom and John Jr. Unfortunately, his sons' interests lay elsewhere; and the ranch property would never again flourish as it had under the senior Jarvie's enterprising stewardship.

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